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      Introduction and application of UV LED cover plate

      Release time: 2020-09-22

      UV LED cover is a new environmental protection product launched by our company in recent years. The main product model is: 2525 3333 3535 4545 6060 6868.

      This product is mainly aimed at UVA products, mainly aimed at the industrial-grade high light power density optical curing industry, which can well meet the industrial grade high light power density, reliability, stability and other requirements of hard indicators. The optical power density of 405nm, 395nm and 385nm can reach 18-22w /cm2 this series of products is mainly used in UV ink curing, UV coating curing and UV exposure (with good secondary optical light use efficiency).

      2525 is mainly used in UVC products. This product is small in size, convenient for all kinds of design, and can realize the production of collapsible lamps, which is more conducive to the design of portable lamps, and meets the requirements of environmental protection, no pollution; And at present there are two types of light source of the ultraviolet radiation sterilization disinfector, one is the traditional mercury lamp, one kind is the UV LED, and for the two kinds of light source for all have advantages and disadvantages in the sterilization, the traditional mercury lamp is silver water, glass mercury polluting, because our country has signed the minamata convention, in the subsequent production will be affected by some restrictions, after a period of time will stop production, and belongs to the fragile glass, not easy to produce portable sterilization disinfector, mercury lamp wavelength is wide, from 200 to 400 nm, and microbial death around 264 nm wavelength, resulting in mercury lamp efficient spectrum utilization rate is low, About 30% of the time. LED has a single wavelength, the spectrum is narrower, effective sterilization wavelength is easier to control, use efficiency is higher; Of course, due to the low photoelectric conversion efficiency of LED at present, the application aspect is limited, but with the continuous improvement of technology, the UVC LED light efficiency will be higher and higher, I believe that the application direction of UVC LED will be bigger and bigger