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      TO cap model and application

      Release time: 2020-09-22

      TO caps are all optical elements. Our company currently produces caps of the following types:

      Some customized models such as TO52, TO56, TO38, TO38, TO48, TO60, TO8, TO9 and TO11 are involved in the optical band of products ranging from 260 nanometers to 14,000 nanometers. These cap products are divided into two major application fields of optical communication and sensing according to the band and application. The application fields and introduction of product types are as follows:

      Optical communication is a communication mode that USES light wave as the information carrier and optical fiber as the transmission medium. The main wavelength coverage is 650-1700 nm. At present, optical communication mainly USES tube caps, such as TO52, TO56, TO33, TO38, TO60, TO25, etc. Customers will choose different product types according to different parameter applications.

      Sensing is the technology of sensors, which can sense the surrounding environment or special substances, such as gas perception, light perception, temperature and humidity perception, human body perception, etc., and convert analog signals into digital signals. The products are widely used in automotive electronics, medical devices, temperature perception, optical ranging and public safety and other fields. The main product models include TO5, TO8, TO9, TO11, TO52, TO60 and other customized models.